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Frontend Engineer Position

RWHRC - 2018 - 010 - Gurgaon

Job Description       

  • At least 6-8 years of total work experience with 5 years of relevant work experience.
  • 5 years of work experience (Hands-on, used in real-life projects)
  • ES2015, ES2016, Typescript, transpilers
  • 3 years of work experience (Hands-on, used in real-life projects)
  • Understanding of at least 2 frameworks
  • CSS Frameworks: Bootstrap, Foundation, Google Material
  • Capability to develop web frontend applications using best practices and tools for testing and performance.
  • Software development best practices and good understanding of design patterns.

Familiarity with the culture of Agile development with proper processes and tools for automated unit testing, build systems, continuous integration and deployment, proper version controlling with Git

Knowledge of JavaScript micro-frameworks for browser (jQuery, Redux, flux, axios, momentjs, Underscore.js, Lodash, Browserify)

Decent knowledge and Hands on at least 2 tools

Advanced JavaScript Features, AngularJS 2, AngularJS 4, REACT, REACT Native, Backbone, Ember, CSS Preprocessors: LESS, SASS, SCSS, STYLUS

Build Tool Chain like WebPack, Grunt, Gulp, Jake

Package Managers: NPM, Bower

Location: Gurgaon